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What You Can Do Now

What You Can Do Now

I love this drawing of success..


Although you may think you know what you need to do to reach success, there are undoubtedly some twists and turns you don’t know about.

It is much more important to simply keep moving than it is to know what your next step is.

To help you keep moving, here are some “next steps” you can take. These are examples of simple ways to get your business juices running.

– Rent your car (or other stuff) to other people

– Buy and sell things on eBay and Amazon

– Peer to peer lending

– Start a YouTube channel

– Buy and rent out a vacation rental (

– Flip websites (buy and sell domains)

– Teach an online course

– Write an ebook

– Gather a following, and charge for events with great guest speakers

– Find a way to do what you do in your free time for money

– Review websites (

– Take part in market research with your phone (

– Put advertisements on your car for yourself or for others


If none of these tickle your fancy, try to find a common, unnoticed pain over the next few days. Then find a way to solve it and create a business around it. Happy business hunting!

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